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10 Worst Corporations of 2004
posted by CJP , 01/25/05

Business is amassing great sums by charging admission to the ritual simulation of its own lynching.
posted by CJP , 12/12/04

The power of Secret Law in the United States.
posted by CJP , 11/19/04

Just what are you voting for?
posted by CJP , 10/02/04

Bush Brain
posted by CJP , 03/02/04

Police detectives have questioned hundreds of anti-war protesters about their political affiliations, a practice ended this week after civil libertarians complained that it violated the Constitution, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Thursday.
posted by CJP , 01/21/03

A nice collection of Cartooning and Free Speech in War Time, courtesy of the ACLU.
Includes cartoons that have been banned, caused artists to loose their jobs, and publicly
denounced by G.O.P Tool Ari Fleischer .
posted by CJP , 01/21/03

From Sept. 17 2001, to the State of the Union Address in Jan 2002, long
before anyone was mentioning things about Iraq, and the media was duly
following the slight of hand in covering marines wandering around empty
caves in Afghanistan, what we figured was probably happening, actually was.
And now its in the Washington Post. . . and there will still be no public outcry.
Has Bush already won? Are people too scared to be the voice of dissent?
Are people too lazy to bother? Or is our citizenry actually made up of a solid majority of
Flag-Suckling Jackasses who agree with this?

posted by CJP , 01/15/03

"The [Bush]Administration's recently published "National Security Strategy of the United States"
sets forth even larger ambitions. It declares a policy of military supremacy over the entire earth--
an objective never before attained by any power."
-An open Letter to Congress
posted by CJP , 09/26/02

The EPA says: Toxic Sludge Good For Fish!
posted by Aria , 06/24/02

Are Fake MP3's on file sharing networks actually planted by record labels
to foil and frustrate pirates, and as free advertising?
posted by CJP , 06/10/02