Meltdown is the next installment of Cell Division's monthly experiment: Tangent .

This month we will be having an art sale to support
The Autonomous Mutant Festival 2004 .
AMF is an annual free gathering celebrating independent art
and culture, exploring DIY technology, and encouraging a harmonious
relationship with the Earth. Members of Cell Division will be making
the trip down, and in order to help make that possible, several local
artists will be donating work to display at Tangent, rather than our
normal mode of highlighting one artist. All work on display will be for sale
for $20.00, and any money raised will go toward sending people to AMF.

There will be a Barbeque to celebrate the arrival of summer!

DJs for the night:
  • DJ Fountainhead
  • CJP
  • Glas
  • Thog
  • DJ Bandit
Artists Including:

Visuals by LowRez

We will also have a collection of diversions including
The Pile of Legos, Atari 2600, XBox Halo on the big screen,
Brain Boxes, boardgames and more.

Come out, have a drink, have some fun, meet new people,
support local art, and the independent culture
by helping to send people to AMF