Tokamak is an evolving live electronic music project 
consisting of Cell Division DJ's Fountainhead 
and I. Neuroshard. Both members create their own content 
independantly using a variety of stock sequencers, drum 
machines and conventional sound generators, as well as 
a host of "bent" or self-modified electronic devices. 

In the live performance, individual sequences and loops 
are mixed in a format similar to a DJ 2x4, with live 
glitch and noise effects layered over the top. Future 
manifestations of the Tokamak performance will likely 
include various guest musicians on a variety of 
analog/melody oriented instruments.

Tokamak: Live at the Janta Haus mp3. (12/06/03)
Tokamak- Demo EP 2004:
Xylene/Thixotropy mp3. Rheocaster/Mantra/My Reactor mp3

Pix of Tokamak at the Living Room .

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